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Weight: 40 g

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This Little Luxury Soap is made with 100% pure organic and all natural, vegetable ingredients from Bali with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. PLA's soap is luxuriously-rich, amazingly-creamy and moisturizing, containing a protein-rich, vitamin and mineral-packed blend of virgin coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, rice milk, honey and rich, pure essential oils. These pure plant actives are nourishing, soothing and moisturizing. They help the skins ability to function, breathe, absorb light, regulate skin temperature, and maintain elasticity.

What we put on our skin matters. Feel the difference today. 



Coconut Oil (Saponified)

Coconut Oil is an exeptional oil for dry, itchy or sensitive skin. It will not clog pores and it absorbs readily into the skin. It helps to combatfree radicals and provide protectionagainst them. It is also a great moisturizer, antioxidant and it restores the skin's moisture barrier.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil contains the hard to find toctrienols, which are members of the vitamin E family. The common form of vitamin E, tocopherol, has long been used to treat many skin ailments and is found in many anti-aging products. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that helps the skin to fight free radicals that damage the skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles. A stronger antioxidant than tocopherols, toctrienols have been proven to be more effective in preventing aging and damage from free radicals. Used topically, as with tocopherol, toctrienols are able to penetrate deep into the skin's layers to enable healing and protection from the base up.

It has also ability to remove oil and dirt from skin.

Rice Milk

Rice Milk is known as a great moisturizig and nourishing ingredient. It also softens the skin.


Honey moisturizes, nourishes, soothes and hydrates the skin.


Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is known as an antioxidant and source of Vitamin C. It assists in toning and reducing visible signs of aging. Skin care products containing Lemon Essential Oil are effective to treat dull and oily skin.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil is used to relieve skin irritation and itchiness and also helps to reduce skin redness, where inflammation is present. It is used for dermatitis, acne, ringworm, scabies and pruritus and also relieves itching, sunburn and inflammation of the skin, while at the same time having a cooling action.




PLA soap leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized without leaving a soap residue behind. The scents are fresh and not overpowering. It’s great because it’s 100% natural.

Melissa Darney, Vancouver, BC

Most of us think soap is a commodity, but PLA is really one of a kind. The mild nature gives skin comforts, and the natural smell is miles ahead of your supermarket staples.

Wu Xu (Coquitlam, BC)


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